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pamatnik josef lada01The Memorial of Josef Lada and His Daughter Alena is situated in house no. 115 that was used by the Lada family as their summerhouse. This house was designed in 1933 by Čeněk Vořech (1887 – 1976), a student of Jan Kotěra. It is called the Lada villa nowadays. Visitors would enter the hall; there was a living room on the left side and a porch through which one could access the garden and kitchen. On the right hand side there were two rooms, one of which could be also used as a sleep-in kitchen. Central staircase would take you to the next floor. Lada’s studio was here, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a storage room. What remains of the original interior equipment is only the tile oven, which can be seen in the part of the exhibition devoted to Lada’s daughter Alena.

The house is surrounded by a huge garden divided into two parts – northern and southern. In the southern part there is still a small forest where Lada used to go mushrooming. The northern part has changed significantly. There is a huge grassy area here with tall trees and some recent statues linked to Lada’s work: Boy and his humming-top by Tomáš Havlík, Lamp by Hana Nováková, Sand Pit by Pavel Charypar and Benches by Václav Mašek. Since 2009, an arboretum of old fruit trees has been put together. There are two old linden trees by the entrance. Josef Lada planted them here to commemorate the birth of his daughters Alena and Eva.

expozice pamatniku josef ladaThe exhibition was opened on June 18th, 1986. Alena Ladová and her husband Jan Vrána were present at the opening. It has been modified only slightly. Once you get your ticket, you enter the first hall with pictures featuring the twelve months of the year, in which Lada portrayed the work, traditional habits and entertainment of country folk. From here the guide leads the visitors on. First they learn something about the life of Josef Lada, see some family photographs, his illustrations for books for adult readers or for various magazines. One can see his famous triptych of Czech countryside, The Pub Brawl and other famous pictures. Lada’s favorite pipe is on display, too.

The exhibition takes you to the first floor, where it continues in four rooms. The first room is devoted to Jaroslav Hašek and his famous novel The Good Soldier Švejk. It has always been published with Lada’s illustrations and it would be difficult to imagine it differently. The second room documents Lada’s work for children – his Mikeš the Cat, water sprites and spooks. His non-commissioned work is represented here by the series of children at play throughout the year. In the third room one can see his illustrations of children books by other writers and also his pictures of water sprites and fairies. Artwork of Alena Ladová awaits you in the last room.

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